How it works

  • First 3 digits are used to automatically send the request to the correct airline. If the airline is not giving the result or you want to select a specific airline, you can do this manually after tracking.
  • How do you normally get the information about status of your shipment? You need to visit different websites for each one, search on Google, or manually call a courier or an air cargo agent. This matter is already solved in XXI century – all you need to do is just use AirRates tracking from your web-browser or a mobile application, which you can download for free from PlayMarket or AppStore.
  • In modern world customers care about comfort and informativeness. Few years ago only global companies could afford online-tracking system and provide their customers real-time cargo tracking. This is the sign of a TOP-level company.

If you are a cargo agent – good news for you! AirRates Cargo Tracking is also easy-to-integrate with any website of a transport/courier company. The tracking system on your website means that your product/service is widely used, and your company is the one whom customers can trust. Today it's not just an important service, but a must-have.

Advantages of AirRates Tracking:

Lines Tracking


Status information

Supply chain management

Tracking with all shipping lines in one place

Mobile application accessibility

Daily email notifications with events and accurate coordinates

Map visualization

Manual tracking for sea, road, rail and air

Usage of own booking/shipment numbers

If you know of any airlines offering tracking that is not included please contact us