Airlines Explorer is a module showing geography or services on air routes. The purpose of the module is an optimizing the routes and defining the best airline to deliver a particular shipment.

How it works?

Simply input places of loading and destination, then you can receive a wide list of airlines that render their services in a given region. Either, Airlines explorer can be easily embedded into any website for the benefit of private business. To contact us on this, click:


Where does the information come from?

Individual contracts with airlines with combination with open sources, regularly updated. The system identifies the shipment automatically, in some cases it takes not more than 24 hours to swaddle the shipment, thereafter it will be determined constantly with an automatic email notifications.

Search Air Routes between A and B

As simple, as checking flight routes and options, you are able to be confident about optimal air route for movement of your cargo. Air delivery can be as much fast as it possible with a direct flight, or money-saving with indirect one. See the scope of each airline services within coverage area, possible transfers and much more


Arlines Explorer is often used by freight forwarders and cargo agents to optimize their daily routine. It can be combined with World Airports app to build comprehensive routes and further upgraded by Logistics Explorer to also add and resell shipping rates.

Would you like to add a new Airline?

List of the airlines